Raleigh, North Carolina
Late August (first day of the Outbreak)

The world has gone insane.

The day started with news reports of hospitals and emergency personnel being overwhelmed by patients complaining of severe, flu-like symptoms. It wasn’t long before reports of death came across the various media outlets, followed quickly by confused reports of cannibalistic attacks across a majority of the United States.

Four friends attending a gaming convention were thrust into the developing tragedy first hand, as those around them developed high fevers and quickening pulses, only to die moments later and then rise to attack anyone at hand. Injuries seemed to have no affect on the cannibals—not even the most basic pain reflexive responses.

Within hours, the city of Raleigh, North Carolina, was overwhelmed as thousands of cannibals attacked the living, turning the victims into new cannibals and quickly spreading whatever disease or virus was causing the transformation. Law enforcement was in disarray. Riots erupted. Mass looting and violence exploded. Raleigh has become a war zone worse than anything portrayed on television or films.

Caught upon the unraveling web of what was once civilization, the four attempted to escape the violence and anarchy, only to have their panic stricken flight trap them in an alley between two groups of cannibals.

To be continued…

Survivors by Alphabetical Order

Joe Holland

Zack Lorenz

Richard Rouillard

Richard Skallarud



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