The Dead of Night

Approximately 50 miles Northeast of Raleigh, North Carolina
Late August (3 days into the Outbreak)

A pandemic of unknown origins has hit the United States, causing the dead to rise and consume the flesh of the living. Those who die— whether from a bite from the Living Dead or other means— inevitably add to the swelling numbers of ghouls hell-bent on annihilating humanity. Within hours of the initial outbreak, every major city in the nation was overwhelmed. Emergency services crumbled, society degenerated into madness, and soon even the rural areas faced creatures determined to devour them.

After witnessing a series of horrific events on the I95 near Raleigh, North Carolina, Daryl Reed, a mechanic from Raleigh, barely managed to escape with his life. After his tow truck broke down, Daryl made his way on foot hoping to make his way back to Raleigh with the hopes of finding his younger brother, Michael. Both he and Michael owned a repair shop in downtown Raleigh.

For two days Daryl managed to survive by sleeping in a rest stop and scavenging for food and supplies wherever he could. At one point, Daryl was able to acquire a shotgun and ammunition from an abandoned police car.

At the end of the second day since the outbreak, Daryl found his way to a farmhouse in a secluded area near Medoc Mountain State Park. While searching the farmhouse, he ran into several of the living dead. After dispatching them, he decided to settle in for the night.

Two hours into his sleep, he woke up to someone pounding on the front door of the farmhouse which he had barricaded. He found a man in his fifties out front, claiming to be fleeing from a horde of living dead making their way towards the farmhouse. The man introduced himself as Lucas Wall, a cattle rancher from Texas who along with his wife and teenage children were vacationing in North Carolina when the outbreak started. He told Daryl how he personally witnessed his entire family slain by a horde of undead. Daryl sympathized and offered to help him. In return, Lucas offered to help him make his way to Raleigh to find his brother.

In the morning, both Daryl and Lucas fought their way through nearly a dozen of the walking dead as they made their way to an old pickup truck left on the farm. Unable to find the truck’s key inside the farmhouse, Lucas found the truck’s keys on the ground nearby.

As the sun dawned on the fourth day of the plague, Daryl and Lucas escaped from the farmhouse and decided to drive to a nearby campsite where Lucas suggested they gather supplies they’ll need, like extra fuel and food, if they were going to make it to Raleigh alive.


Daryl Reed

Lucas Wall



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